TDH Realty’s team of Town Planning & Regulatory Advisory has strong prowess in the field of town planning, real estate housing development and preparation of city development plans. The team is already an expert in following the by laws and regulations decided by the concern authority. It is of utmost importance that the regulations are clearly understood and communicated as there are no less than 30 important approvals required in the process. A slight miscommunication can incur loss of big amount levied on client.


At TDH Realty, we advise all legal and regulatory framework, formulate policies and accordingly plan infrastructure development.

Pre  Construction  Approvals:


  • Land Mutation
  • Change of  Land  use
  • Building License
  • Zoning Plan  Approval
  • Fire NOC
  • Site office  NOC
  • Electric sub-station  Approval
  • Approval of  Service  Estimate  Plans
  • Environment Clearance
  • Consent to  Establish
  • Forest clearance
  • Height Clearance
  • Ancient Monument  Clearance
  • Tree cutting  Approval
  • Mining Approval
  • Excavation Approval

Construction  Approvals:


  • Temporary Power  Connection
  • Transformer approval, Approval  of  Electrical  Installation & sub-meters
  • Approval for  the  installation  of  DG  sets
  • Damp Proof  Course (DPA)  Approval
  • Ground Water  Extraction  Approval
  • Power load  Sanction

Post-construction  Approvals:


  • Occupancy Certificate
  • DG Set  Approval
  • Third Party  Approval
  • Completion Certificate